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Japanese TranslationPlease Read Carefully Before Ordering

Terms & Conditions

Translation Fee

Presented with the quote.

Other Fees

Consumption tax (where applicable), service charge on bank transfer.

If you request a delivery method other than e-mail, fax, or regular mail, additional delivery costs may be charged.

Expected Time of Delivery

Vary depending on volume and difficulty. Our suggested date/time will be presented with a quote.

Payment Due

1. Coroporate Client

Within 30 days after product delivery. We may request partial payment in advance for jobs ordered in large volume. If you would prefer an alternative payment schedule, please consult us by e-mail.

2. Individual Client

A full payment shall be made in advance.

Cancellation Fee

The client agrees to the following conditions once a purhcase order is issued and accepted.

1. Translation

There is a minimum charge of JPY 5,000 per request. A full amount is charged if 48 hours elapse from the time of order.

2. Interpreting

8-14 days: 50% of basic fee for the reserved day(s)
5-7 days: 85% of basic fee for the reserved day(s)
within 4 days: 100% of basic fee for the reserved day(s)

Payment Method

Credit card

Visa Mastercard Discover American Express

Indemnity Clause

Although we do our very best at Smack Translations to provide our clients with high-quality services, we shall not be held liable for any losses incurred by the client from the use of our services.

Privacy Protection

Smack Translations will not, under any circumstances, use the client's personal information other than for its rightful purpose, or benefit from it for personal gains.