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Japanese TranslationFees

These are only estimates. Please contact us for an accurate quotation.

As a principle, rates are determined by source word/character. However, we may charge per page depending on the job volume.

English to Japanese Translation

General US $0.13 psw (per source word)
Business From US $0.14 psw
IT/Computer/Technical From US $0.16 psw
Medical/Legal From US $0.20 psw

Japanese to English Translation

General US $0.13 psc (per source character)
Business From US $0.15 psc
IT/Computer/Technical From US $0.17 psc
Medical/Legal From US $0.22 psc


Please contact us for details

Other Services

Layout / DTP charges not included.

Contact us for subtitling / voice dubbing / narration services.

Prices for proofreading service vary depending on the source text. Please use our Free Quote Requisition Service for an accurate estimate.